Purpose: Educational
Code Section: 23701d
State of California
Organization Number: 2666887
DLN: 17053265060034

Monarch Bear Institute Contact Information
(415) 241-9855
Director, Rodney G. Karr, Ph.D.
(415) 931-1934

Monarch Bear Institute


The overall philosophy and purpose of The Monarch Bear Institute is to support the development of cutting edge holistic healing involving teamwork. Modern healers tend to work alone, or with others of their own profession. This tends to be myopic and limiting. It is our desire to develop team approaches in which a team of various practitioners work together with a joint patient. This method would bring the knowledge and expertise of many professions together. An example of this methodology would be a psychologist, naturopathic doctor, acupuncturists, and herbalist working as a team with a patient. Some healers have expressed the concern that patients would find this team approach too costly. It is our position that in the long run it is less costly in time and money to see a team at one time rather than going from healer to healer consecutively. It is also exciting for each of us to work as a team and to learn how other professions treat a given symptom.

We have a bi-focal approach bringing holistic healers together to create a referral network and to provide patients with professional caring referrals.


Characteristic San Francisco Monarch Bear momento pin, 1910