The Nature Conservancy Counsel

Director: Roger Wharton

Roger Wharton, has been introducing people to the out-of-doors since he was a teenager. He has staffed and directed several children's summer camps. As an undergraduate biology major he planned and developed a small outdoor education park for the community of Westerville, Ohio. He has taught in a residential outdoor education school, developed land laboratories, and has completed advanced work in outdoor/environmental education. Click for more on Roger's educational and professional background.

The world of nature has always been a place of great spiritual inspiration and opening for him. He has two advanced degrees in spirituality and has been assisting people on the spiritual path for over 25 years. Roger has studied with many teachers and has completed several 10 day passages, a 28 day solo, and wilderness guide training. He has guided individuals and groups in Wisconsin, Michigan, the Adirondack Mountains, British Columbia, Alaska, the Yukon and California.

Although Christianity has been his primary metaphor for spiritual exploration he has explored many other spiritual traditions and is especially interested in Native American spirituality and the Way of the Tao. Roger is open to all spiritual paths and enjoys listening, learning, and sharing stories of spiritual exploration. His doctorate is in Sacred Ecology and the Christian Nature Wisdom Tradition. As an Episcopal priest he is currently a campus chaplain at San Jose State University and ministers with young adults in Silicon Valley.

Counsel Members and Faculty:

Robert Conrad, AKA Goat

Date of Birth: 01/04/38
Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Cancer Rising
Grandma was a Druidess, my mother was also a Druidess, and I was raised as a Druid.
My Mother took us into the woods and taught us about the uses of native plants.
I have lived in the East Bay most of my life.
Got my BS in Biology at UC Berkeley.
I was a scoutmaster for four years. Taught plant lore to the scouts.
Steward of 200 acres NE of Willits, California for the last thirty years.
I have studied plant qualities and uses both medicinal and magical, most of my life.
I have been associated with Rodney Karr for the past seven years.

David R. Forbes.
Born and raised in California and a graduate of Stanford University I have been active in the Sierra Club and edited one edition of “The Star Guide to the John Muir Trail. I worked as a forester before beginning my career as an educator and minister. I founded the Cathedral Boys School in San Francisco and St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Oakland and have served as a national consultant to private schools nationwide. I helped plan the first Earth Day Celebration in San Francisco because of my deep commitment to the relationship between spirituality and the care of the Earth. I presently serve as a trustee for the Bishop’s Ranch Camp and Conference Center.

Harold E. Segelstad.
I have been active in energy research and development for over 30 years. I am the former Director of Solar Research for PG&E and consultant for solar energy utilization for the Natural Resources Defense Council. I continue to advise and consult in the area of parabolic trough technology for photovoltaic applications. I have transformed 325 acres of over grazed land into the Segelstad Sanctuary for plants and animals, adding 30,000 trees to the environment and employing techniques of mitigating invasive plant species, erosion control, fire prevention and habitat restoration.

William Bartosh (Bart).
I came to California to attend Stanford University for undergraduate and graduate degrees remaining to work for IBM and then Stanford. Today my life is based on five primary interests – California history, the California environment, the Episcopal Church, information systems and theory, and people. I purchased a 900 acre ranch and have come a long way in developing it as a retreat center for non-profit groups and as a nature preserve. We have planted many many thousands of acorns as well as a variety of other trees. I am active in a regional effort with several environmental organizations to encourage oak regeneration in Monterey County. I serve on the board of the San Antonio Valley Historical Association as well as several other non-profits.