The Board of Directors

Rodney G. Karr, Ph.D., Director

Jehanah Wedgwood, Secretary

(a.k.a. Stephanie Wedgwood)
Poet, Editor of the Sacred Grounds Anthologies 1-15, Master of Ceremonies of the Sacred Grounds Poetry Readings weekly since 1974, published three chapbooks of her own poetry ( "Mother of Winter", "The Sun Colors", and "Song for the Day" ), and in magazines widely.

Druid, in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. Grove-Mother of the Monarch Bear Grove in San Francisco, and of the Manannan Mac Lir Grove in Walnut Creek.

Minister of Shamanistic Poetry, ordained by the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person.

Bachelor's degree at Indiana University 1968 for Comparative Literature, and a year in graduate school studying Creative Writing. One year at Texas Christian University.

Gestalt Institute of Multiple Psychotherapy, one year.
San Francisco Gestalt Institute, one year.
Internship with Ron Kurtz (Gestalt Psychotherapist) one year.
Internship with Dr. Rodney Karr (Jungian psychotherapist) five years.
Workshops with R.J. Stewart.

She was Rolfed, learned feldenkreis exercises, tai chi, studied nutrition and herbal healing. She developed special interests in the areas of Celtic Studies, Druidry and Faery tradition, anthropology, ancient history and philosophy, comparative esoteric literature, brain function and evolution, New Age healing, environmental concerns, and International relations and world power structure. Special influences: Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, William Shakespeare, Gertrude Stein, the poets Jack Micheline and Allen Ginsberg.

Director of Sitar center, one year.
Coordinator of the San Francisco Institute of the Healing Arts, one year.
Board member and teacher, the Monarch Bear Institute, at present.

Willard A. Gersbach, Financial Officer