The Monarch Bear Institute currently is involved in developing a holistic healers referral network. In the future, we hope to as we grow and develop, have other goals and purposes which are listed below. However, at this time, our activities are limited to the holistic healers referral network.

Future Goals of The Monarch Bear Institute

  1. Education - providing a place for teachers to teach our traditions
  2. Networking - providing a place for teachers of various traditions to come together to teach, know and respect both each other and our traditions.
  3. To be a land trust to receive Land and steward it for spiritual and artistic purposes.
  4. To provide places in nature for creatives to go and retreat, and live to encourage inspiration and dialog from divine nature.
  5. To create a stewardship trust to take over management of care of the Monarch Bear Grove - Golden Gate Park (modeled after the National AIDS Memorial Grove, which is next to it).
  6. The Monarch Bear Films
  7. Re-establishing the name and place of the famous Monarch Bear in California history and consciousness.

The revered Monarch Bear, the model for the State Flag icon of California
For more information about the Monarch Bear for whom the institute was named, please click here.