Goat's Twin Springs Spiritual Retreat

It is the intention of Monarch Bear Institute to support and facilitate Goat, one of our faculty members in the development of his sacred two hundred acres of land into becoming a spiritual retreat center. Goat has been steward of this two hundred acres of land for over thirty years. It is located northeast of Willits, in Mendocino county. This sacred land was well known during the 1960's and 70's, as a place of retreat for many well-known musicians, poets and bohemians from San Francisco, including the Grateful Dead. It has become Goat's calling to open the land he stewards as a spiritual retreat center. People interested in doing spiritual work at Twin Springs, should contact us at the Monarch Bear Institute, and we will connect them with Goat.

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Goat, Rodney Karr, and film crew, arriving at Twin Springs for film shoot of R.J. Stewart, 2003

Rodney and Jeff, who plays the Monarch Bear in the Monarch Bear film documentary

R.J. Stewart the famous celtic spiritual writer and teacher, being filmed at Twin Springs

The entry to the Octagon House

View of the bathhouse with Poseiden in the window

Interior roof of the Octagon House

The old Oak Tree