I Heard the Shot!

Letter to the Editor of the Mountain Messenger:
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On Monday, June 21st at 3:20 a.m. I heard the shot that killed the bear on Galloway. Someone coming down Galloway on Monday the 22nd, saw the dead bear. Tuesday the photo was taken by the Mountain Messenger. Thursday, the 24th, I found fresh bear scat on my lawn. I guess there is still another garbage bear around.

The shot that killed the bear came from the flat area where I live. No killer could have seen the bear during the night where it was found. I believe it was shot on the flat where there is light. I believe it ran in terror and pain shot through the lungs approximately 100 yards and died.

I hope the killers lust for blood has been satiated. If I killed everything that had been a nuisance to me, they would be piled high. While were at it lets kill the deer around town, they eat roses, strawberry and tomato plants. Ive expressed my anger over what I feel is the senseless killing of a California bear.
P.S. I also question the wisdom of shooting a weapon so close to many other houses in the area.
Bob Burns-Dvl

From: The Mountain Messenger
July 8, 2004
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