The Sierra Conservancy Bill AB 2600

The California State Senate has recently passed AB 2600 - to establish the Sierra Conservancy. The Sierra Conservancy is already funded with thirty six million dollars. These funds will be made available to non-profits, local governments, Native-American Tribes, etc. to purchase land to conserve within the Sierra Nevadas. The Monarch Bear Institute will be persuing grant money from the Sierra Conservancy to purchase four hundred and sixty two acres in the high Sierras, called "Packer Saddle". We are awaiting Govenor Schwarzennegger's signature on the bill which must be signed or vetoed by September 30, 2004. It is our intention to develop the Packer Saddle land as an earth-based retreat center, a place to teach eco-spirituality. See attached notes from the Sept. 21st meeting of the Monarch Bear Institute, concerning our developing ideas for a nature wisdom / earth-based college and nature conservancy.

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