Sacred Groves

In Celtic spiritual tradition, and most ancient shamanistic traditions, the deepest spiritual work is always done outside in a grove of trees, with the stars and moon above. Being outside present with nature connects us to the greater forces in ways that being inside within structures, within bubbles, cannot. In Celtic spiritual tradition, most sacred groves were either Oak groves or Yew groves. We carry on these ancient traditions in our deepest spiritual work, within our groups. Every six weeks, each group does an intensive ritual working outside in a sacred grove, for each of the eight seasons of the wheel of the year. These rituals take place within the following sacred groves. A sacred space or grove enables beings from different realms, i.e. creature, fairie, and human-ancestor to come together with us in material form and do co-creative spiritual work together.

The Monarch Bear Grove

The Monanan Mac Lir Grove

de Laveaga Grove / The National AIDS Memorial

The Downie River Grove