The Sacred Monarch Bear Grove, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Monarch Bear Grove is the primary grove of our work. Rodney Karr has been steward of this grove and care-taker for over twelve years, and is there taking care of the trees, animals and spirits every week. It is a sacred, powerful space which interweaves the history and energies of a primortial oak grove, the sacred twelfth-century stones of the Abbey of Santa Maria de Ovila, the spirit of the Monarch Bear, totem animal of the state of California, and the spirits and energies of the National AIDS Memorial Grove.

For more information about the Monarch Bear, please click here.

The view towards the North in the Monarch Bear Grove.

A stone altar at Monarch Bear Grove

Stone Circles at Monarch Bear Grove

A triangular stone altar

Obelisk stone altar

One of the ritual stone circles in Monarch Bear Grove